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 I can't remember when I wasn't an "artist" in some way. My mother started putting art supplies in front of me at about age three and I figured out some way to use them. In my young adult years, I explored transparent watercolor. In recent years, I've found new challenges with more opaque materials such as gouache, acrylic and Oilbar, focusing on luminous color and bold shapes.

 For the most part, I'm self-taught, but I've had the good fortune to learn from some excellent watercolor painters through workshops. I paint mainly from my own photo references and my subject matter has ranged from still life of objects I treasure, gardens I've tended, boats from local harbors, and a few much-loved pets.

 I live in the Pacific Northwest where the rain is a wonderful excuse to stay inside and paint. I'm a signature member of the Northwest Watercolor Society, and sell my artwork regularly at the local farmer's market.

 Art has been a constant thread woven throughout my life. Pursuing the artful path has shaped who I am and I would highly recommend it . It may not lead to fame or fortune, but you'll always be able to entertain yourself.

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